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Uni Metal Uni Metal is a family-run business, which has started in 1989 as a small workshop. Nowadays, it’s run by the two associates and it’s still developing efficiently in the field of metalwork. Years of experience and collaboration with cooperants allowed us to branch out and to offer the highest quality goods made of brass, bronze, aluminium and cast iron. That’s the reason why we deserve a great confidence from our contractors side, so they decided to entrust to us projects that carry copyright.
An individual approach as well as involvement make our projects well-known and appreciated by the customers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.
In our work we follow the statement “Our specialty is individuality”. Despite the passage of time it’s still our main motto, which reminds, us during daily work, to treat our projects in the outstanding and unique way.

Our offer is mainly dedicated to the architects, interior designers, conservators and to all of the people, who value reliability, quality and uniqueness of the products.

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We are looking forward to the orders in the working hours from 8 a.m till 5 p.m

If you have any questions or orders don’t hesitate to contact us:

• phone +48 22 760 31 05
• phone +48 602 151 634
• by sending the order to the address: biuro@uni-metal.com.pl


It’s the next step in the whole process of making your product. After approval of the order and precise description, we start to provide draws and technical descriptions which will show all necessary details, dimensions, angles and sections. By having them, we prepare list of needed materials which will be used, production forms and tools. The next step is to set machines properly and start production process.


It’s an extremely complex phase, where the main role belongs to the type of product, material that it’s made of and shape. It influences on the form which is needed to provide molds and other processes.
• Moulds ( mechanical and machine )
• Machining
• Arts treatment


The last step is to check each element and correct something if there’s a need. Then, they are pieced together, cleaned and packed the way you chose. The shipment is organized by the freight services to avoid delay, so you will receive your order on time.

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Ture project.

In June 2013 we realized Ture Project. The main goal was to equip in door-handles and fittings one of the most exclusive apartment building in Stockholm TURE N°8

Project of the place where products are being burnished.

In Q4 2014 we finished project referring to dedusting place where products are being burnished and polished. That leads to the air pollution mitigation.

Workshop development.

In 2013 we modernized production hall. This investment allowed us to provide new work places and to fill orders in better and faster way.

LOGO and image creation

In 2013 we created new logo of the company, which expresses the whole essence of our brand.

  • UNI-METAL products are made with the highest precision and clearness so that makes us sure, that we made a good choice.
  • Professionalism of UNI-METAL company influenced on the great and longstanding cooperation.

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+48 602 151 634
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